HUmn™ mineral complex | 120 capsules

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Size 120 capsules

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plant-sourced fulvic & humic minerals, trace elements, vitamins & amino acids

naturally occurring fulvic & humic mineral complexes - balanced by Mother Earth, naturally

dietary supplement  | 120 organic veggie capsules per bottle

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A deeply nourishing dietary supplement of micronized humic and fulvic plant material from ancient plant deposits, in a veggie capsule.

Each restorative serving of HUmn mineral complex delivers a complete profile of 70+ fulvic & humic minerals, micro-nutrients, trace elements and amino acids in a nutrient dense form; balanced naturally by Mother Nature.

Heaven knows we looove our liquid fulvic & humic mineral supplements - but its not always possible or practical to take them with us as we're on the go. And, let's be honest, some people just want the convenience of capsules. Cue the HUmn mineral complex capsules. Micronized rare-earth plant material that we lovingly call our 'black mineral powder', encapsulated for convenience & practicality.


Humic and fulvic mineral complexes can best be described as:

  1. Naturally occurring organic by-products of naturally decomposed ancient fresh water plants

  2. A rich source of life-sustaining minerals, micro-elements & nutrients necessary for vibrant health

  3. Humic mineral complexes are best known as ‘free radical collectors’ and ‘anti-viral’ elements that usher toxins out of the body

  4. Fulvic mineral complexes are best known as transporters of nutrients into and toxins out of, the body’s cells


The ancient, nutrient-rich plant material in HUmn™ is respectfully sourced from naturally occurring ancient rare earth plant deposits, containing, among other nutrients, fulvic & humic mineral complexes – crucial to health & well-being - which are absent  from our modern-day food supply.

Once the rare earth plant material is extracted from deep within Mother Earth, it subsequently undergoes a unique proprietary process in preparation for encapsulation, that preserves the integrity of the life-force and nutrients; rendering a highly bioavailable source of nutrients for consumption by humans, animals and plants alike.

No harsh processing or chemicals are used.

No compromises. Ever.

HOW TO USE HUmn™ mineral complex capsules

Take 2 capsules with non-chlorinated water or fruit juice for the first 2-4 weeks, evolving up to 4 capsules per day or as suggested by your health care professional

1 capsule per day for under 100 pounds

NOTE: Usage may result in darkened stool.

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Use ONLY with non-chlorinated water. Use only as suggested.

If pregnant, nursing, have a serious chronic or acute health condition, or have any potential allergic reactions to trace minerals, always consult your health care professional before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

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The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. This info & product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

70+ plant-sourced humic bio-mass minerals in ratios found naturally within the micronized humate.

Other Ingredients
Veggie capsule. NO fillers, binders or excipients.

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NO Dairy
NO Wheat
NO Soy
NO Yeast
NO Starch


NO Preservatives
NO Colorings
NO Sweeteners
NO Flavorings
NO Fillers or Binders

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WHAT MAKES HUmn™ mineral complex UNIQUE?

- A source of pure humic and fulvic minerals from ancient pristine plant-water fresh deposits

- A rich, nourishing source of trace & micro-nutrients

- Organic, vegan veggie capsule

- Contains no binders, fillers, excipients, flavorings or sweeteners

- No yeast, no soy, no salt

- Naturally gluten, dairy, wheat and starch free

- No chemicals. Ever

- No toxic extraction-agents. Ever

- Easy to pack for busy days & travels

It’s common for commercial mineral supplements to be sourced from inorganic elements such as rocks, chalk, clay and egg shells, using harsh chemical processes in the processing, rendering the resulting mineral supplements as a much less effective or beneficial source of nutrients for the body.

HUmn™ mineral complex capsules contain micronized plant material from ancient plant deposits, rich in humic & fulvic mineral complexes as well as a plethora of nourishing micro-elements.

Respectfully extracted via a unique proprietary process, honoring and preserving the integrity of the naturally occurring nutrients. Absolutely no chemicals used . . . Ever!

Nourishing the body with nutrient-rich mineral complexes sourced from pristine, ancient plants, rather than supplementing with highly processed pills or powders from inorganic mineral sources just makes sense.

We humans depend on nourishment from the foods we eat and drink. Too often though, we don’t eat as well as we could. Supplementing with HUmn™ mineral complex capsules, a naturally balanced source of humic minerals and micro-elements, provides a full spectrum of plant-sourced minerals, micro-elements -naturally occurring nutrients that support maximum health and vitality.

Supplementing with HUmn™ mineral complex capsules helps solve a major issue in today’s food supply by adding back the minerals and micro-elements our great grandparents benefited from, that are now depleted from our soils and food supply due to modern farming practices.

The human body can get along, albeit poorly, without supplemental vitamins, but remove all minerals and the body will rapidly fail.

HUmn™ mineral complex capsules support a thriving body by:

- Providing an effective delivery system for nutrients into and toxins out of the cells

- Nourishing the body on a deep, cellular level

- Boosting the body’s innate energy production systems

- Supporting digestive well-being

- Promoting efficient natural detoxification

- Activating healthy metabolism

- Providing mineral-rich nutrients that support alkalization of the body

- Promoting restoration of a frazzled nervous system

- Supporting deep, restful sleep