Founder & Proprietress, Lorene Davies

A born seeker, Lorene’s passion for health, wellness, spirituality, and high-frequency living sparked in her mid-teens as she began studying all the ‘alternative health’ info she could find to improve her own health and stamina.

The Journey

Simultaneously diving into Psycho-Cybernetics, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Lead the Field, along with other classics in spirituality and personal development created a thirst for deeper understanding in mystical and esoteric realms.

As a young mother, still seeking solutions to her own health challenges, Lorene quickly learned that allopathic medicine and ‘normal’ lifestyles were incapable of supporting her health and that of her family.

It also became clear that the facets of mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked and must each be addressed for living one’s most vibrant health and life expression.

Seeking the keys for her own vibrant living has kept Lorene on the path, searching for answers to her health & life challenges, as well as for those of her 5 children.

That seeking spirit has kept Lorene on the cutting edge of health, wellness, personal development, energy healing and intuitive modalities for over 30 years.

Over time, her philosophical views evolved from ‘fighting the war on disease and programming’ to embracing our innate Sovereignty, intuitive guidance, vibrant health, & joyful living – pleasurably! 

Truly nurturing ourselves with natural foods, organic elements of Mother Earth such as pristine essential oils, the magic of fulvic & humic mineral complexes, compassionate living and loving relationships promotes a deeper connection to our own bodies, innate wisdom, inherent divinity and awareness of Spirit in our life.

~ Lorene Davies

Lorene’s life journey has woven a pathway thru studies and integration of holistic nutrition, raw living foods, detoxification & cleansing, personal development, intuitive & energy healing modalities. deep research and studies into the world of plant medicines, extracts, essential oils, herbs and mineral complexes.

Author of Nature’s Farmacy Editions 1 thru 5, Natures Farmacy Benefits Book, eBooks and eCourses for high-vibe and Divine Feminine, Soul-full living, Lorene continues to be a voracious seeker of Truth.

In her words, ‘it’s now time to pay it forward’. Sharing the distillation of a lifetime of seeking, study & experience.

Welcome, it’s no accident you’re here…

Thank you for showing up here.

Lorene’s ongoing prayer is that those who need what Mother Earth’s Elements has, will be led here.

The intent is that every aspect of your interactions with will enrich, inspire, and transform your life, health, and relationship with yourself.

So may it be.