Mother Earth’s Elements™ brings you the finest in elemental personal care product lines; pristine, next generation water-extracted rare-earth fulvic & humic mineral complexes, and responsibly-formulated, non-toxic, high-performance skin care products free of the chemicals, preservatives, dyes & fragrances of so many high-profile product lines.

Frequent Questions

A: 'cliff-notes' summary of the difference between fulvic & humic:


Fulvic mineral complexes have been referred to by researchers as the ‘finest electrolyte known to man’.  They're also an outstanding and potent antioxidant.

 Fulvic is a much smaller molecule than humic, about 1/10th the size of a human cell;  therefore able to get in to and out of cells. Its primary role is as a transporter, transporting nutrients INTO the cells and toxins OUT of the cells for elimination. 

There are many benefits from adding fulvic mineral complexes to one’s daily
diet, as it maximizes the value we receive from nutrients - whether we eat or drink them. Other known, documented benefits are that fulvic supports cellular vitality, boosts digestive health, strengthens immunity, supports repair of skin & tissues & slows aging (among many other things). 


Humic is a larger molecule - not absorbed on a cellular level, yet it vitally compliments the role of fulvic.

Humic complexes can be thought of as a magnet, or a binder; playing a primary role in attracting and binding metabolic waste, heavy metals, pesticides and other environmental toxins, including those released from cells by fulvic mineral complexes. The research that's been done on these processes is AMAZING!

Think of humic like Velcro. . . it grabs inorganic particles from circulation in the body, ushering it out of the body.
It also is a cellular conditioner, increasing cell wall permeability, which is so needed by our bodies these days.

Another way to think of the humic element is as a magnet; attracting and magnetizing any inorganic elements in the body and gently ushering them out of the body.


As you might imagine, both fulvic and humic play an important role in supporting our health and wellness.  

I consider them to be similar to our left hand (fulvic) and right hand (humic). 

They're BOTH vital. 

Life wouldn't be the same without one or the other. In fact, it would be much  more complicated!

For context, please remember the differences between fulvic and humic mineral complexes:

Fulvic complexes can be thought of as a transporter; Humic complexes as a binder.

  • The tiny molecular weight of fulvic complexes transport nutrients into the cells, while releasing toxins from the cells.
  • Humic complexes attract and bind particles (similar to the action of Velcro); binding toxic molecules and elements such as heavy metals, environmental toxins & viruses from within the body, gently ‘ushering’ them out.

Said another way:

FULVIC mineral complexes work as the body’s 'mailman' delivering nutrients IN to the cell, while also removing waste FROM from the cells.

HUMIC mineral complexes work as the 'waste collector' pick up the 'garbage' that was released from the cells, bind the metabolic waste, environmental toxins, etc, and carry them out of the body.


  • FULVIC Gold is 100% fulvic mineral complexes
  • HUMIC Lite is approx 1/3 humic & 2/3 fulvic mineral complexes
  • HUMIC Intense is 100% humic mineral complexes.

The reason for having each of the humic products, is that the deeply detoxifying 100% pure humic complexes (HUMIC Intense) can often be too much for people who are just beginning to discover the 'magic' of humic minerals.

Starting the mineral journey with HUMIC Lite can get people started with the cellular detoxification process gently, then when their body is acclimated to the boost in cellular detoxification, and ready for more intensity, they can switch to the HUMIC Intense (which, by the way, is aptly named. It's intense! )

Most of us are far more toxic than we know. Through no fault of our own.

In California and surrounding regions, the sheer volume of toxins from all the summertime fires & fire retardants is completely overwhelming to our systems. . . again, through no fault of our own.

Each region across the country has it's own toxicity 'issues', unfortunately.

No matter where we live, we're ALL living under the toxicity of chem-trails, pesticides and herbicides in the air and water supply, (you may not be using Roundup in your yard, but your neighbors probably are) heavily treated water, and compromised food sources.

Even with eating well, being careful about personal environmental toxins, etc, we can't escape the toxicity of the air we breathe 24/7, the water we bathe in, play in and drink, and all the stealth toxins in our food supply . . . so, supporting the body's detoxification pathways gently can be a real gift for our bodies.

No need to throw ourselves into a deep detox with all the discomfort that can bring.

When I say that HUMIC Intense can often be too much for people to begin using when they start their journey with fulvic & humic minerals, what I mean is that 100% pure humic can trigger rapid detoxification, which may be too intense for some people.

For most people, the starting point with mineral usage is to begin by taking a shot of FULVIC Gold in the morning, and HUMIC Lite in the evening. When their body is ready, they swap the HUMIC Lite, for HUMIC Intense in their daily routine.

Remember, by doing so, we're simply adding back the nourishment that was naturally available in our food supply decades ago, but is no longer.

At this point in the conversation, people will often ask if using FULVIC Gold & HUMIC Lite will provide too much fulvic on a daily basis. In a word, no. Remember, we're adding back the nourishment that used to be naturally available in our food supply when our great grandparents were on the planet. They likely benefited from much more.

Most bodies these days are so deeply depleted, the life-force and nourishment provided daily from both products will, for most people, be like hydration to a dried-out sponge . . . so welcome, and so needed, and so health-supportive.

Additionally, what I've found when I energy test for people, (which I've done for hundreds of people, at this point) most everyone tests very strong for both fulvic and one of the humics.

On a rare occasion, someone will test strong for beginning with FULVIC Gold and HUMIC Intense. These are typically people who have been eating very, very well, doing cleanses & detoxes as a part of their lifestyle. Most often as I've energy tested, people test strong for both FULVIC Gold and HUMIC Lite.

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