Mother Earth’s Elements™ brings you the finest in elemental personal care product lines; responsibly-formulated, non-toxic, high-performance skin care products free of the chemicals, preservatives, dyes & fragrances of so many high-profile product lines.


Mother Earth’s Elements™ lovingly-curated skin care line offers skin and
personal care products using only the finest of pure, non-toxic,
health-promoting ingredients. The products are also naturally
concentrated – never diluted. A little bit goes a long way here! Each
product will provide months of use and benefits.

The products

Are Vegan

Are NEVER tested on animals

NEVER include any animal ingredients

NO Gluten

NO Soy

NO Fillers

NO Dyes

NO Toxins any animal ingredients

NO endocrine disrupters

NO parabens, sulfates, preservatives or synthetic ingredients

NO artificial fragrances or enhancements. Ever.

All aromas are naturally occurring from the ingredients used.

Mother Earth’s Elements provides ingredients and products you can trust.

Safe and healthy for you, your loved ones, pets & Mother Earth.

Mother Earth's Elements Provide Ingredients You Can Trust

“The products offered here are my personal favorites. . .lovingly curated skin, personal, & health care products that I use daily. 

I love them!  (Yes, I’m a product geek. Lol!)

Many have been a part of my daily self-care for years. 

It’s time now to bring them to the world for all to benefit from and enjoy.”

Lorene Davies
Proprietress, MotherEarthsElements.com