Life, Aliveness & Depleters

Generation by generation, our families have becoming more and more depleted; with less and less vitality. Some are having trouble conceiving, along with many other red-flags signaling nutrient depletion. 

When you read the stats, it's alarming, to be sure.


Turning Point
We're at a cultural turning point. For ourselves and the legacy we leave. We can definitely turn the tide, but it will take actively working towards restoration, rather than a simple 'here, take this' scenario.

So, in the spirit of inspiring each of us to pick up the cause as generational change-makers, I'm sharing the list of nutrient-depleters.

The following list includes the life-depleting substances that we would all do well to keep far away from our pantry, table and daily lives- yet so many don't know the consequences of ingesting these substances or living in these energies!

Do you?   Do your children?  Do your grandchildren?

Do you and your family Eliminate?
It's time we eliminate these toxins from our own pantries and lives, AND talk with our loved ones - the younger ones - about how much damage they each cause - how depleting each of these really are. Someone's gotta do it - because heaven only knows the ones who profit will only continue to beat the drum of convenience!

With that initiative in mind, I'm sharing below, the cliff-notes version of the nutritional 'depleters'. Sooo many people simply don't know the impact of these depleters.

It's such an important topic, I include the list in every product order we send out. 
Mineral depletion has been an issue since the 1940s! It's devastating to our right-now health, as well as to the quality of life, and life expectancy of our descendants.

Linus Pauling brought the impact of mineral depletion to our attention decades ago when he said that we could trace every ailment to a mineral deficiency. 
                  It’s a powerful reason to diligently attend to adding back the nutrients we’re no longer receiving from our food supply.

If your family members are wondering why they get sick so often, why they have NO energy, why they're experiencing heightened anxiety, why they're depressed, and why they're gaining weight - this list is the first place to look!
Life gives life. The depleters on this list are not only devoid of life, they're life-sucking depleters that are, in many cases, masquerading as convenience


Cliff Notes

You know from past eNewsletters that sugar and sodas are BIG sources of depletion. We’ll start with the cliff notes of those two topics, then go on:  


Sugar depletes our mineral stores unmercifully; bone density, oral health, insulin and soooo much more is impacted when our body is working to buffer the toxic impact of sugar ingestion.



Sodas not only mainline sugar, but in most cases, high fructose corn syrup as well. Adding insult to injury, the highly acidic liquid soda also is full of phosphorus which depletes mineral stores rapidly.


Depleted "Foods"
Packaged, overly processed franken-foods require an excessive amount of resources from our bodies to actually process; the franken-food itself depletes our mineral stores in the attempt to be digested, AND the packaged/processed schtuff takes the place of the contribution that real, whole foods could be making to our health.

Birth control is one of the biggest offenders; wreaking havoc with our hormonal balance, and depleting vital mineral stores. Add to the MEDS list the rapid mineral depletion from antacids, acid blockers, diuretics, antibiotics, steroids, menopause meds, asthma meds & many more. Cortisone is a major offender in this department, depleting calcium and potassium in a big way.

Alcoholic Beverages
Accelerates the loss of magnesium, as well as calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, chromium and potassium. Not to mention that it compromises our liver - the master-organ of our body. There’s a big cost to that alcohol ingestion, it goes way beyond the cash register.

Stressful Situations
This is a multi-faceted conversation. There’s physical stress via illness, injury, workouts & excessive sweating. There’s emotional stress (2020 anyone?) from day-to-day living in 2022, family discord, breakups, loss of loved ones & pets, divorces. There’s mental stress from trying to make ends meet, mainstream media (election, politics in general) and more – it allll depletes our mineral stores.

Don’t shoot the messenger here! I understand that morning coffee can be more precious to some people than their family members, but you’ve gotta also realize that it’s a diuretic. It causes your body to lose calcium, magnesium, potassium & sodium (among other things). Add to that the additional toll that designer coffees and cheap, crappy coffees take on your mineral stores. Keep your coffee habit - or better yet, don't - but for heavens sake, add in mineral supplementation!

Excessive indulgence
Whether it's excess protein or excess carbs, either can create their own respective mineral-depletion challenges as the body struggles to process/digest alllll of it. Excess protein requires big resources from our bodies in order to be digested. Excess grains can cause its own problems as the phytic acid binds with minerals and blocks absorption of nutrients. The nutrients are then excreted, having NOT served their purpose.


Chronic Disease

Chronic illness such as hyper or hypo thyroid, hormonal imbalances, etc., acute illness of any nature, they each deplete our mineral stores. Not to mention the toll that the interventions take on our mineral stores . . .

Heavy Metal Toxins
From heavy diets of fish, toxicity from amalgam fillings, lead, and aluminum overload from antacids, cosmetics & antiperspirants each add to the depletion as our body struggles to deal with the toxins.

Radiation from EMFs will reduce specific minerals in the body, as well as impacting the body’s ability to assimilate minerals at all.

Someday I’ll write a book about my experience with this topic. For now, just know that most people these days have parasites – whether they know it or not – and. . . . it’s common for parasites to feed off of the nourishment intended for our own good, as well as the fact that they’re often the cause of nervous system issues.

Vitamens and Supplements
Often times our attempts to affordably replace nutrients will cause further harm, creating a scenario that our body has to DEAL WITH, rather than being able to HEAL WITH them.


Stop using the Microwave

It's killing you softly, for the sake of convenience! Stop! Just take it out of your house, so you're not tempted. Even if all you use it for is to warm up coffee. STOP. I've shared about this in the past, and I'll share about it again in the future. For now, do a quick search online for The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking. You'll find a lengthy, powerful, article that'll have you removing your microwave before the day is over.


  1. Remove or cut wayyy back on the offenders – sugar, excess meds, etc. 
  2. Get rid of your microwave 
  3. Eat real, whole, health-full foods. 
  4. Drink freshly juiced veggie juices often. 
  5. Supplement with fulvic & humic mineral complexes. 
  6. Drink real bone-broth regularly – preferably homemade. 

The Bottom Line
We didn’t ‘get here’ overnight, we’re not going to resolve the issue overnight.Yet we CAN turn the tide of our ancestral depletion and leave a better legacy for our loved ones that follow us.

That being said, remembering Maya Angelou’s well known quote:

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." 
Maya Angelou.


One Step at a Time

You CAN focus on the solutions listed above, taking a two-fold approach to remineralizing our bodies:  

  1. eliminate the easiest of the ‘depleters’, listed above 
  2. add in the sources of nutrients that will nourish us most – real, whole foods & supplementation with fulvic & humic mineral complexes. 

It’s simple, not always easy, yet our health, vitality and longevity - as well as the lives, health and vitality of our descendants - depend on it.

It's time to be the generational way-shower you came here to be.

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