Organic Hungarian MUD | 2oz.

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MOTHER EARTH’S ELEMENTS™ Organic Hungarian Moor Mud is a rich source of fulvic and humic complexes, amino acids, vitamins and micro elements in forms that are highly bio-available to the human body; muds & clays have been used therapeutically since ancient Roman times.

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Moor MUD is a unique, naturally complexed, therapeutic grade of MUD that is the result of thousands of years of Mother Earth’s natural decomposition of flowers, herbs and grasses within a unique setting - which includes mineral-rich springs.  

Most people expect the deep, dark-toned MUD to be highly odorous and slightly offensive aromatically, yet, in fact, it’s almost completely odor free.  

The remarkable healing Moor MUD is rich in many, many nourishing elements; consisting of over 1,200 naturally-occurring organic plant enzymes, humic and fulvic mineral complexes, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins.

Tested and certified for medical spa treatments by the Ministry of Health in Czechoslovakia as well as other European organizations, it's a trusted resource for many healers, estheticians & body workers.  

An additional quality of Organic Hungarian Moor MUD is that it doesn't contain any clay, simply skin-nourishing, naturally occurring organic plant matter.

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Use of Organic Hungarian Moor Mud is legendary. Used in spas around the world for detoxification, to improve circulation, for pain management, rehab from injuries, care of chronic health issues, skin care for chronic eczema, psoriasis and beauty treatments.

HOW TO USE Organic Hungarian MUD

1. Cleanse skin before applying.

2. Gently apply MUD evenly and generously to pre-cleansed skin, avoiding area directly surrounding eyes. Best practice is to apply to face, neck and décolleté.

3. Leave on skin for at least 5 minutes for the first application. For subsequent applications, let mud dry, or leave for up to 20 minutes.

4. After each application, rinse well with tepid water and clean wash cloth (no soap or cleanser) until clear water


Rinse MUD off in the shower. Do not use facial cleanser, simply use water. Lightly towel dry.

5. After light towel dry, mist gently with LUMINessence™ mineral mist

6. Apply moisturizer or serum of choice.

100% PURE, Natural Organic Hungarian Moor Mud


No artificial colors, fragrances preservatives, chemicals, parabens or fillers. No animal ingredients or testing. For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place.

This 2oz jar of premium MUD will easily yield 5-6 DIY facials - depending on how heavy-handed one is with the MUD.
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Faithful MUD facial users report that the skin on their face, neck and décolleté is clearer, more toned, hydrated and radiant; the texture and smoothness of their skin is far better than they can remember in years.

Pores are reduced, blackheads and milia have disappeared. Overall they’re happier with their skin than they’ve been in a very long time.

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* FREE membership to ‘Nature’s Farmacy’ FB Group

The first benefit? You can use MOTHER EARTH’S ELEMENTS™ Organic Hungarian Moor MUD for your own home spa care without the expense of traveling to a high-end spa!

Other benefits? There are sooooo many uses that your skin can glow and benefit from. Here are a few:

- Mud masques for rejuvenation, anti-aging or relief from breakouts

- Care of sensitive skin

- Care of injuries & reduction of inflammation

- Nourish and care for the skin

- Mud wraps for detoxification

- Mud baths for relief from fatigue, pain & discomfort

- Relief from the discomfort of chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia, Lymes & more

- Accelerate healing

- Relief from acne, eczema, psoriasis, shingles & more

- Relaxation and renewal

- Care of athlete’s foot & chronic fungal infections

- Care and tending of sprains, pulled muscles, tendons & cartilage

So much more! Learn more uses and benefits from the 'Magic of MUD' eBook.