AURIC MIST | Clear-headed

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Mother Earth’s Elements Auric Mists offer rich, beautiful, natural aromatic mist to elevate your energy field and daily life; supporting you in more ease-fully navigating daily life along your life’s path. Each mist provides energetic support for more easeful navigation of the proverbial ups and downs of daily living.

Every hand-crafted artisanal mist is small batch hand crafted, providing a unique proprietary blend of pristine, high vibe essential oils in a base of filtered, small-batch distilled water. Because each Auric Mist contains only natural, non-toxic ingredients, there’s no need to worry about sensitivities to synthetic ingredients.

In addition, each misting spray bottle includes specially selected rock crystals, as well as having been energetically charged to enhance the beneficial qualities of the mist, and therefore to support you; all with the intent to gently yet profoundly elevate your mood and energy field.

Each auric mist has been lovingly and intentionally crafted to address a specific facet of life – boosting and elevating your mood and energy field - using only the finest ingredients and materials with the highest intent, in keeping with Mother Earth’s Element’s mission of elevating lives while deepening our connection to Mother Earth.

The 4oz Auric Mist bottle is compact enough to carry in a handbag, gym bag, backpack or briefcase when on-the-go; to stow in a desk drawer, or to keep handy on a nightstand, dresser or bookshelf.

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Clear-headed Auric Mist is intentionally and lovingly blended to be supportive in times when over-thinking - or on the flip side, foggy brain or mental fatigue - have taken hold.


hand-crafted with love | 100% natural | pristine ingredients | energetically charged


Use when you’re sensing the need for energetic support, to shift your mood or to be uplifted.

1. Gently shake Auric Mist spray bottle before each use.

2. Remove the cap, inhale the aroma, close your eyes, and declare your intention for using the mist.
. . . . . . . . . . .

Use as desired for:

• PERSONAL USE gently close your eyes, mist above the crown of your head, then 2-3 pumps of the mist into your auric field. If desired, state your intention while misting.

• SHIFT THE ENERGY IN A ROOM by lightly misting in a healing treatment room, an office, study, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. Mist lightly around the room as desired.

• USE IN A CAR for relieving frustration and tension, calming nerves all while creating a more easeful travel time.

Steam distilled filtered water essential oils of lemon, peppermint and rosemary 1,8

. . . . . .

NO artificial fragrances, fillers, emulsifiers, enhancers, colors, preservatives, synthetics, alcohol or chemicals or toxins of any kind.

Useful for times when studying, preparing for a quiz, exam or test, and for times when ‘thinking on your feet’ is of utmost importance.

CLEAR HEADED can shift your mental energy in support of clear thinking, the ability to focus, increased mental alertness and as sharpened sense of concentration. Useful for times when studying, preparing for a quiz, exam or test, and for times when ‘thinking on your feet’ is of utmost importance.
Particularly beneficial for students, those who are immersed in right-brained tasks as well as for use in prep for making important presentations.