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It’s been 27½  years. . .

My mineral-love journey began officially on Sept 11, 1995, the day I signed a ‘member agreement’ as a distributor with company #1, for what would become the largest mineral distribution network ever. It was a life-changing 10 years in every way.

I watched people literally ‘come back to life’, reclaiming their health, improved cognition, hair growing back in, skin cleared up, aches & pains disappeared; children were able to focus, learn and enjoy school, rather than being labeled, kicked aside as ‘ADD’ or ‘ADHD’ – all simply by adding in a daily shot of minerals!

I sold that distributorship 10 years later to work with company #2; still sharing the healing power of minerals, as well as essential oils at that point. The best of all healing elements in one place.

Eight years following that came a move to company, #3, with minerals, essential oils and other organic health care products.

After a couple of years, it became clear that it was time to leave altogether. I'm out! I sold the distributorship in Sept 2016.

Next step . . . starting business as a partner, launching a new company, rooted in my years of sharing the power of minerals and essential oils.

My first major task - to search for and identify the best of the best of mineral supplements. I went deep down the rabbit hole of manufacturing and sourcing.

What did I find in that world?

     * Many supplements were from questionable sources. NO.

     * Many were processed with harsh chemicals - which I could taste! Ugh!
        Definitely NO.

      * Others sourced from sea minerals and Great Salt Lake minerals had a
         great story, but they were SO hard to gag down. Even added to water.
         Even in juice! Gag them down every day? NO. NO. NO!

Finally, after months of searching, sampling, digging deep, I found a ‘maybe’.

I ordered samples, had them sent to my two business partners and myself. When the sample order arrived, I wasn’t too optimistic. I opened them, drank some, and got a clear OMG, HELL YES! from my body.

It was the same for the two biz partners.

When we got together to discuss, we each shared that the minerals tasted good! Felt good inside! Clean, clear. No chemical taste. No nasty aftertaste. Just good, clean, plant-sourced ancient rare earth minerals with minimal processing.

We already knew they were sourced from ancient rare earth plant deposits, processed only with high-mountain R.O. water and a proprietary energy technology to ‘massage’ the minerals from the plant material.

HALLELUJAH! We were on to something.

The next step . . . many, many conversations with the manufacturer, asking alllll the questions that are asked when partnering with an organization you intend to bank on for years to come. Validations of sources, processes; verifications and more.


What was so exciting, was that through the lengthy process, I learned that these minerals were far, far more than ‘just’ minerals. Much more. The fulvic and humic properties carried benefits that magnified the properties of the minerals themselves AND, provided even more benefits for those who take them daily.

The fulvic and humic minerals are far, far more than I’d ever used, shared, or talked about. I imagined the benefits that people would experience.

They do not disappoint!

I’ve received amazing stories of healing, ‘returning to life’, people NOT getting sick when everyone around them is dropping like flies, energy being restored, better sleep, people off meds they thought they’d have to take for the rest of their lives, and so much more.

Oh, and back to THE story – that partnership was dissolved in August 2018.

Mother Earth’s Elements the mission that had been (till that point) just a dream, was brought to live – bootstrapped and launched in February 2019. Me, myself and I as the solo-preneur.

This might shed some light on why it has been SO exciting to celebrate each step of growth along the way.

  • Why launching Mother Earth’s Elements 2.0 has been so celebrated.
  • Why it’s been so crucial that this single-woman owned enterprise that’s being single-handedly bootstrapped is operated with NO loans, NO investors, NO controlling outside interests, F.R.E.E. from 'interference'.

Bootstrapping this enterprise is a slower grow, yet so important for alignment with values we hold dear.

As the steward of Mother Earth’s Elements, each step we take is being guided by Spirit, grown from heart, soul, and the (now) very clear mission I came to this planet with.

Next step . . . bringing in the best of the best in essential oils.

What’s the point in sharing this with you?

  1. To give you a deeper inner-standing of who ‘we’ are, what this establishment was born from and is about, and why this is soooo much more than ‘just a business’.

            It’s a mission to share the ‘magic’ of minerals, as well as the other
            healing elements of Mother Earth – not just any elements – but the
            finest, best-of-the-best elements to support healing, vitality, and
            max vitality and wellness. 

  1. Now you can see why ‘best of the best’ is more than just a catch-phrase, and more than just a marketing ploy. It’s our commitment – ‘our’ being mine and Mother Earth’s Elements  
  1. So you can see why our relationship with each of you is so valuable. 
  1. And so you can understand why your referrals mean so much. 

And it’s why the ‘personal touch’ matters when every order is packed. We want every order to be received as a gift.

A gift from Mother Earth.

Because it is.

As Paul Harvey used to say . . .

'and now, you know, the rest of the story'.

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